Aw Snap! How to use Snapchat for Real Estate

Redefy Real Estate how to use snapchat for real estate
You could share this Redefy listing via Snapchat!

Snapchat is the ultimate in-the-moment medium for engaging with prospects and clients. Reach those critical teens-to-thirties prospects where they are — on their phones! Here’s how to get started and build your brand.

First, download the Snapchat app for Android or iOS and create your snapcode (your ID). You can snap or upload a photo or 10-second video. What makes this popular is its one-and-done philosophy. It’s real-time and real-life, unrehearsed. So think of timely things people would enjoy and don’t be afraid to show what it’s like to be an agent. Some of the most popular snaps are just funny life moments and fur babies. Being yourself and very real transforms you into — you guessed it — a real person.

Snaps can be directed at one person or all your friends. This is great for personal communication or a blast of fun. The thing to understand is that Snapchat is the long game. You’re not going to attribute snaps to leads immediately. It’s one part of your overall marketing strategy. You’re doing this to build your brand, and get noticed by younger clients. It will take time to grow a following, so commit some time and consistency to this tool.

Get familiar with how to snap and use the features. The folks at Dummies have a tutorial that will have you swiping right and left like a pro in minutes.

Get followers

You’re going to have to tell people your snapcode, so try these strategies to build a following:

  • Use your other social networks like Facebook to share your snapcode.
  • Change your other social media profile pics to your Snapchat image. Be sure to include your snapcode in the profile description.
  • Go to the directory and add yourself; follow people and hopefully they’ll follow you back.
  • Do some contests on your current social networks to get them to follow you on Snapchat (have them send you a Snap to enter).
  • Ask people to add you on Snapchat when you meet them (you can also put your snapcode and other social media profiles on your business card).

Events to snap for all

Being timely means you’re at events or onsite at a property. Do some biz shots, but also just do some fun stuff. Don’t be boring. Do be creative! Here are some ideas for snaps:

  • Food fun – Starbucks crazy drink, some outrageous lunch truck, etc.
  • Silly stuff you do in the car waiting.
  • Putting a sign in the yard (make this fun!).
  • Pushing the Enter button as you list a new property.
  • Getting out your favorite pen for a new contract.
  • What not to do (i.e. a pic of the toilet seat up while home pics are being taken).
  • Happy clients.
  • Pets (the office cat, your client’s dog).
  • Community event.
  • A great home feature.
  • Home exterior you just listed.
  • You (here, there and everywhere).

Stuff to snap for one

Sometimes it’s easier to communicate with a client through pictures. Since these images go away, there’s no record for everyone’s privacy. Here are some potential snaps for your personal buyers and sellers:

  • Home for sale.
  • Home feature.
  • Problem item (crack in wall, etc.).
  • Yourself (like when you’re asking/answering a question).
  • Views.
  • Obstructions.
  • Neighborhood.
  • Amenities.
  • Flat fee savings written on a napkin.

You get the idea…

Create a story

Your public snaps can be saved into a Snapchat Story that you can upload to YouTube. Hello instant video! Hubspot has a great tutorial.


Snap ads and sponsored lenses can be pricey, so stick with on-demand geofilters. These are little bits of art that can be overlaid on a picture. So say you’re at the annual car show. Target that area and the time frame of the event and upload a creative overlay (you can do this on your phone in Canva or use a Snapchat template). When people at the event snap, they’ll get the chance to see and use your filter on their pics. Campaigns are super cheap and easy to do.

With 150 million active users, Snapchat has moved from fad to phenomenon. Get onboard and reach the largest generation entering the real estate market.


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