Game On! Sports Cities That Deserve a Medal

Redefy real estate Sports cities that deserve a medal

The height of athletic competition has begun this week. Most of us won’t get to compete at anything close to that level. But sports are still very important to us in the US, and you may have a young hopeful contender looking to medal in the future.

We’ve found the first-, second- and third-place towns for super competitive medal contenders in a variety of events. And in case you want to move there, we’ve provided the median home price for each town.

Redefy real estate Sports cities that deserve a medal
Photo: Pixabay (released).


USA Swimming came up with this list of cities that deserve a medal. Swimming isn’t just a pastime. It’s serious competition and the communities really support it.

1. Ann Arbor, Michigan

The highest percentage of overall US team athletes per population with more than 60 qualifiers (and multiple medalists) from the town and the University of Michigan.

Median home price: $277,000

2. San Jose-Santa Clara, CA

The Santa Clara Swim Club has come up with 80 medalists, including Mark Spitz and Donna de Varona.

Median home price: $980,000

3. San Francisco-Oakland, CA

You’ll find 10 percent of the nation’s US Masters Swimmers here, higher than any other city in the country.

Median home price: $1,127,400

Close but no medal

Durham, NC; Austin, TX, Madison, WI; and Raleigh-Cary, NC.


Redefy Real Estate sports cities that deserve a medal. track photo by Pixabay (released).
Photo: Pixabay (released).

Track & Field

College campuses are where the best competitors are found. In these towns, locals and students alike show up big to support track & field events. The editors at eBay came up with this list of programs that create serious medal contenders.

1. University of Arkansas (Fayettville)

The Razorbacks have a 30-year history of track & field excellence and medal contenders. Six athletes connected to the program will represent the US this year.

Median home price: $189,087.

2. Florida State University (Tallahassee)

The program has multiple NCAA championships for both men’s and women’s teams. A whopping 20 athletes with ties to FSU will represent the 2016 US and Jamaican teams.

Median home price: $159,300.

3. University of Tennessee (Knoxville)

Started in 1901, the Vols have one of the oldest and most competitive track & field programs in the nation, with 16 medals to their credit. Three US and one Jamaican athlete will be vying for medals this year.

Median home price: $117,500.

Close but no medal

Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge); University of Oregon (Eugene); and the University of Southern California (Los Angeles).


Redefy Real Estate Sports cities that deserve a medal. Photo: Jim Lamberson, Wikimedia Commons


Probably the hardest to rank, gymnastics comes down to which gym you call home. We’re just going to go out on a limb here with some of the most well-known training towns for medal performance.

1. Karolyi Ranch (Huntsville, TX)

If you have to ask who Bela and Martha are, you don’t know gymnastics. You do remember that sweet Russian powerhouse Nadia Comaneci, right? How about Mary Lou Retton? Kerry Strug? Yeah, they’re good. In fact, Karolyi ranch is an official training center and will soon be purchased by USA Gymnastics.

Median home price: $127,000 (source: Sperling’s Best Places)

2. Chow’s Gymnastics and Dance Institute (West Des Moines, IA)

As coach of the Beijing team, Liang Chow is responsible for the success of multiple medal winners including Shawn Johnson and Gabby Douglas. Chow’s is also a US training center.

Median home price: $117,400

3. World Olympic Gymnastics Academy (Plano, Frisco TX)

Multiple team members have called WOGA home, including all-around champs Carly Patterson and Nastia Liukin. Look for current US team member Madison Kocian.

Median home price: $297,600.

Close but no medal

Twin City Twisters (Champlin, MN); Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy (OH); Great American Gymnastics Express (Blue Springs, MO).


Redefy Real Estate sports cities that deserve a medal. rowing photo (modified) by Joebrunton via Wikimedia Commons


Most of the US is pretty clueless about rowing until we compete on the world stage. Then it’s easy to see why the top 3 towns aren’t too hard to pick. Just look at clubs that make up the US team roster for 2016.

1. Caspersen Rowing Center (Princeton Junction, NJ)

Princeton is the heart of America’s rowing culture. Caspersen is a US training center that dominates with 30 competitors and 3 alternates.

Median home price: $773,000 (all of Princeton, NJ)

2. OKC National High Performance Center (Oklahoma City)

The US training center poised on the challenging Oklahoma River has 6 paddling phenoms representing. Temperate weather and an incredible 4000m course draws athletes from around the world.

Median home price: $129,700

3. Cambridge Boat Club (MA)

Founded in 1909 on the Charles River, Cambridge has a long history of rowing (one oar), but sculls (two oars) is where they dominate. Three athletes will represent US double and single sculls.

Median home price: $666,400

Close but no medal

Vesper Boat Club (Philadelphia, PA) and New York Athletic Club (NYC).


Redefy Real Estate sports cities that deserve a medal. Volleyball photo by Pixabay (released).
Photo: Pixabay (released).

Beach Volleyball

You can’t think beach volleyball without thinking of Southern California. All but one beach mentioned is a SoCal volleyball legend.

1. Santa Monica Beach, CA

Where it all started for most (although the Outrigger says they started it in Waikiki Beach). A great public beach with first come, first serve courts, its claim to fame is getting this sport recognized for international competition.

Median home price: $1,261,750

2. OTC, Chula Vista, CA

Home of the US training center, there are 6 incredible sand volleyball courts – and no ocean. Yeah, that’s odd but the best come here to train year-round.

Median home price: $455,000

3. Manhattan Beach, CA

Medalist after medalist will tell you that this beach is the iconic place to play volleyball. We’re not going to argue with them.

Median home price: $2,196,800

Close but no medal

Huntington Beach, CA; West Beach, Santa Barbara, CA; and Alki Beach, West Seattle, WA (these three come from Panama Jack’s list).


Redefy Real Estate sports cities that deserve a medal. Triathlon ocean swimmer photo by Pexels (released).
Photo: Pexels (released).


When one sport isn’t enough, let’s combine three! The triathlon – a combo of swimming, running and cycling – boasts some of the most fit athletes. And what towns host them the best? We turned to for an insider perspective.

1. San Diego, CA

With, arguably the best year-round weather in the country, San Diego is an ideal training ground. Add to that multiple ocean courses and a variety of running/cycling terrain and you have a triathlon training paradise.

Median home price: $539,700

2. Boulder, CO

High altitude, world-class coaches and 245 sunny days a year make for some pretty strong endurance athletes.

Median home price: $642,100

3. Tucson, AZ

Many who train summers in Boulder also winter in Tucson. Plus, pools abound and there are miles of trails for running and cycling.

Median home price: $151,900

Close but no medal

San Francisco, CA; Minneapolis, MN; Syracuse, NY.

Median home prices source: Zillow (unless otherwise noted)

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By Susha Roberts, Redefy Real Estate


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