Go With the Grain: Designers Talk Wood Flooring Trends

Interior designers reveal what customers — and ultimately home buyers — want in wood flooring

2016 Hardwood Flooring Survey by MacDonald Hardwoods. Story written for Redefy Real Estate.
Source: MacDonald Hardwoods

Hardwood or laminate? Light stain or dark? Wondering what’s in for 2016? The folks at Denver-based MacDonald Hardwoods surveyed 205 interior designers to find out the trends and desires of customers around the country. For home sellers, it’s important to know what’s “in” and appeals to current home buyers. Check out what MacWoods had to say about the results:

Written for Redefy Real Estate by MacDonald Hardwoods

Earlier this year, our team at MacDonald Hardwoods contacted over 200 interior designers all over the United States to find out what trends they are seeing in flooring, what they are recommending to their customers and what their customers are asking them for when it comes to flooring and home design in 2016.

Redefy Real Estate. For the Important Things (not real estate commissions)

Looking through the results, our interior designers said that more than three quarters of them (76% to be exact) would recommend solid hardwood flooring for homes with pets and only 23% of them would rather go with engineered hardwood.

In our 2015 wood flooring survey, we saw that 78% of the interior designers we surveyed that year would prefer to use hardwood flooring throughout the home, versus using it in a few key, accent rooms. That surprised us some, because in 2016, that number went down to 63% with 37% choosing hardwood flooring in key accent rooms!

Also interestingly, 44% of our surveyed interior designers said they would use mostly solid hardwood, when flooring is part of a redesign in a home, instead of engineered hardwood flooring. That number is significantly down from last year, where 67% of our surveyed group of interior designers talked about redesigns.

The Results

2016 hardwood flooring survey by MacDonald Hardwoods. Story written for Redefy Real Estate.
Source: MacDonald Hardwoods

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