Remodel Right: 10 Tips for Roof Replacement

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Roof replacement is one of the biggest projects that you could encounter if you own a home. Unlike remodeling your house, roof replacement is sometimes not voluntary. A leaking roof or blown away parts require immediate replacement or repair. You can make this project a success by preparing for it ahead of time.

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It ‘s useful to have a plan and to have knowledge about roof replacement before you even need it. This ensures that you won’t feel too pressured to hire a contractor on the spot and have your roof replaced without a clear plan for materials and costs. Whether you’re in need of roof replacement or just want to know how things work for future reference, here are some tips to remember to make this project a successful one:

1. Know the cost

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You need to determine how much the average roof replacement costs. This way, you can set aside a realistic budget for this project. It costs around $19,500 to replace a roof of an average house.

If you’ve been planning for this, you will be able to save and allot excess budget for this. But even if you think that you don’t need to replace your roof anytime soon, it would be best to save for this kind of project.

Since your roof is the one thing protecting your entire house from elements, it would be best to have a budget ready to do this kind of project when you suddenly need to. Check with your insurance agent for coverage on natural causes such as wind and hail.

2. Shop around for contractors

Shopping around for contractors will allow you to choose the best one and will also enable you to get the best price for the job. By familiarizing yourself with the average cost of roof replacement, you won’t be persuaded to hire a company that charges fees that are just too high for the type of work that you need.

Shopping around for contractors will also allow you to know more about roof replacement since you will get answers, suggestions and explanations that give vital info about this project.

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3. Research permits

Knowing whether a permit is needed or not is essential since it will allow you to have your chosen contractor get one when it is needed. This will also prevent you from hiring a company who would not pull a permit when you know that it is required in your city. It will keep you from encountering problems and will also make the project go faster.

4. Schedule your roof replacement

If you don’t need a roof replacement immediately, you should schedule it when it’s most convenient for you. This way, you won’t have to deal with the mess and noise and inconvenience while you are busy with other things such as a hectic schedule at work, busy sports season or an upcoming exam at school.

5. Determine the best materials

Knowing the most ideal roofing materials will save you a lot of money in the long run. Since you can choose the material that will prevent leakage, moisture buildup and deterioration, you won’t have to hire another company to replace your roof soon. This will not only save you money now but also in the future.

Knowing the most ideal roofing materials will save you a lot of money in the long run.

6. Consider ventilation

When planning your roof replacement project, make sure that you talk with your contractor about sufficient ventilation. You should ask about the best features that will allow your roof to have proper ventilation to prevent moisture buildup and too much heat.

7. Allow for overhang

Sufficient overhang (eaves) will protect your roof from wind damage. Research about the right amount of overhang so that you will know if your company is providing you with the right measurements.

8. Protect your house

You might need to hire a contractor during the rainy months, especially in emergency situations. So make sure that you ask your contractor if they will take proper measures to protect your house from the rain and other elements.

Contractors should install plastic covers to protect your house from elements as well as from debris from the project; make sure that the workers do this before starting anything. If not, talk with the team leader about this.

9. Be prepared for noise

If you can’t get out of the house when your roof is being replaced, you should prepare for the commotion of the workers. The drilling, hammering and sawing might drive you crazy especially if you are not used to such noises. For sensitive family members, consider purchasing noise-cancelling headsets before the work starts.

10. Talk it out

From the quote to the job details, permits and insurance, you should ensure that everything is settled before you agree to sign any papers. This way, you can settle anything that you don’t like or don’t agree with.

If there are details about the work that are not included in the job description or contract, it would be best to ask about it before signing the papers. Once you have signed, you are obliged to accept the terms and pay for the job so be careful in committing to anything without fully reading contracts.

Having a successful roof replacement is not just about scoring a cheap contractor. It is about making the project as smooth and as fast as possible. Hence, prepare for it and be aware of unexpected expenses and issues so that you can address it with your contractor.

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